The Southdale Education Fund

The Southdale Education Fund exists to alleviate the financial challenges that far too many young people face while pursuing post-secondary education.

Each year, the Southdale Education Fund will distribute at minimum a $1000 bursary to a deserving student from a single-parent family, facing financial challenges and living in the Westminster community of London, Ontario.

The bursary is intended to support students in whatever way that they need – whether it be tuition, textbooks, food, or bills.

Anticipated Milestones:

  • GOAL REACHED | Raise $1000 by January 25 2020
  • Raise $5,000 by February 29 2020
  • Raise $25,000 by December 31 2020
  • Provide first Bursary to an eligible student by June 2021

The Southdale Education Fund will exist as an Endowment Fund through the London Community Foundation. This will allow us to establish a sustainable bursary that will continue to support students year after year.

To support the Southdale Education Fund through a financial donation please see our London Community Foundation Donor page.

All funds raised from January 22 – February 29 2020 through the Facebook Fundraiser and other fundraising efforts will be invested in the Southdale Education Fund through the London Community Foundation.

The Inspiration behind the Fund…

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