One Year Scroll Free

Despite what some people may think – Millennials were not born into a world of constant connection, addictive technology and the never-ending pull of the attention economy.

I can still remember the rotary dial phone that used to sit beside my mom’s bed in our “twisty stair house”. I remember living rooms without televisions… and televisions without cable. I remember our first computer ever, and everything it couldn’t do. I grew up knocking on my best friend’s door asking her if she wanted to come out and play. … More One Year Scroll Free

Confessions of a Know-it-All

Everybody is flawed. Everyone has those things about them that are less than glamorous. I, fortunately, have come to terms with some of mine.  More specifically – the fact that I am a classic know-it-all.

The truth is, I have always been a know-it-all. My friends and my family know it, people have called me on it at various times throughout the years, but up until now I have spent my entire life denying it – both to myself and others. … More Confessions of a Know-it-All

Words That Hurt

The term “policing language” sounds intense – and maybe I’m splitting hairs but I really don’t agree that encouraging people to use positive language and avoid hurtful words is “policing”, for me it’s about creating a culture of compassion and love. But I wondered – was I wrong to think that we should have parameters around the language that we use? … More Words That Hurt

Lessons in Movement

In 2017 I had the pleasure of participating in something new and exciting – an exercise in movement my friend Ben, otherwise known as Ellio Blox, is now calling Co-Acro Movement. I first met Ben when he was facilitating an acro-yoga session with a youth group from the Cross Cultural Learner Centre in my city. … More Lessons in Movement