Finding Equity in Quarantine

Originally posted on the Pillar Nonprofit Network website as a Guest Blog Post This past week I participated in a conversation facilitated by Pillar Nonprofit Network that focused on committing to equity and inclusion during COVID-19. Within this microcosm of change agents, the urgency of this conversation was undisputed. The inadequacies of our systems haveContinue reading “Finding Equity in Quarantine”

30 Years and 30 G’s Deep

I didn’t really process that I was poor until University. I remember sitting in my first year Sociology class listening to my professor speak about wage gaps, the working poor, and poverty in London. I remember thinking “Wait a second… she’s talking about us like we’re not even here.” I sat quietly, looking at theContinue reading “30 Years and 30 G’s Deep”

Words That Hurt

The other day someone around me used the term “retarded” to describe to their email – I have a light-hearted relationship with this person and so I pulled out the phrase “words that hurt”. This phrase is something that I discovered in my first year at the University of Western Ontario. During O-Week my SophsContinue reading “Words That Hurt”

Black Lives Matter & Why White People Don’t Get It

Dear fellow white people, Every morning that I wake up to hear about another fatal shooting at the hands of the law I am so utterly disappointed. As a society we blindly trust in a broken system that is meant to protect us all, yet causes very real danger for some. I mourn the realityContinue reading “Black Lives Matter & Why White People Don’t Get It”