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Hi Friend, my name is Sienna Jae – I am a Community Engagement Specialist, an advocate for equity and inclusion and a believer in good. I have been working in the world of social impact for 10 years now and I love exploring questions, sharing ideas and overcoming challenges with you through this space.

Finding Equity in Quarantine

This global pandemic is harder for some than others.

And while I type this I hear the echo of so many that we cannot compare our struggles. And yet, if we do not acknowledge the power dynamics at play, we will never be able to seize the opportunity to balance the disparities in our communities … More Finding Equity in Quarantine

It’s Love, Actually

My love for the nonprofit sector is not some summer fling. It cannot be likened to a passionate affair, destined to be short-lived after the fires of passion burn out. It’s not the kind of love that will become a story of the past when I finally settle down with a calmer, more realistic and stable choice

This, my friends, is the real deal … More It’s Love, Actually

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