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Hi Friend, my name is Sienna Jae – I am a Community Engagement Specialist, an advocate for equity and inclusion and a believer in good. I have been working in the world of social impact for 10 years now and I love exploring questions, sharing ideas and overcoming challenges with you through this space.

One Year Scroll Free

Despite what some people may think – Millennials were not born into a world of constant connection, addictive technology and the never-ending pull of the attention economy.

I can still remember the rotary dial phone that used to sit beside my mom’s bed in our “twisty stair house”. I remember living rooms without televisions… and televisions without cable. I remember our first computer ever, and everything it couldn’t do. I grew up knocking on my best friend’s door asking her if she wanted to come out and play. … More One Year Scroll Free

Finding Equity in Quarantine

This global pandemic is harder for some than others.

And I know you’re thinking “we cannot compare our struggles”. And yet, if we do not acknowledge the power dynamics at play, we will never be able to seize the opportunity to balance the disparities in our communities … More Finding Equity in Quarantine

It’s Love, Actually

My love for the nonprofit sector is not some summer fling. It cannot be likened to a passionate affair, destined to be short-lived after the fires of passion burn out. It’s not the kind of love that will become a story of the past when I finally settle down with a calmer, more realistic and stable choice

This, my friends, is the real deal … More It’s Love, Actually

30 Years and 30 G’s Deep

I didn’t really process that I was poor until University. I remember sitting in my first year Sociology class listening to my professor speak about wage gaps, the working poor, and poverty in London. I remember thinking “Wait a second… she’s talking about us like we’re not even here.” … More 30 Years and 30 G’s Deep

This post is about my period.

How many guys do you think won’t read this post, simply because I mentioned my period?

Today is International Women’s Day and this entire week I have been completely obsessed with justice for menstruation.

Let me tell you about when I first got my period. … More This post is about my period.

Alone in Ireland | Part 3

Even when I was in Ireland and people asked me about my plans for my trip they found it so bizarre that A) I wasn’t backpacking and B) that I was staying in one place.

But I love travelling to new places, and I don’t want to backpack… I wanted to spend enough time in one spot to really experience it. … More Alone in Ireland | Part 3

Alone in Ireland | Part 2

One of the most iconic parts of Ireland is its vast, green landscapes. It was one of the things I was most looking forward to when I decided to go to Ireland. I wasn’t aware of how much I would be taken by these spaces… and the lesson that I would learn from these spaces. … More Alone in Ireland | Part 2

Alone in Ireland | Part 1

For the first time in my life I decided to go on a solo adventure. I was excited by the thought of doing something on my own and pushing myself outside my comfort zone. I was (and still am) in a place where I really needed some time to myself – to relax, explore, focus on me and gain some new perspective on life. … More Alone in Ireland | Part 1

Confessions of a Know-it-All

Everybody is flawed. Everyone has those things about them that are less than glamorous. I, fortunately, have come to terms with some of mine.  More specifically – the fact that I am a classic know-it-all.

The truth is, I have always been a know-it-all. My friends and my family know it, people have called me on it at various times throughout the years, but up until now I have spent my entire life denying it – both to myself and others. … More Confessions of a Know-it-All

Words That Hurt

The term “policing language” sounds intense – and maybe I’m splitting hairs but I really don’t agree that encouraging people to use positive language and avoid hurtful words is “policing”, for me it’s about creating a culture of compassion and love. But I wondered – was I wrong to think that we should have parameters around the language that we use? … More Words That Hurt

Breaking Dress-Code

Perpetuating the idea that a girl’s tank-top, or her body,  is “distracting” or inappropriate in some way creates the very foundation that leads to over-sexualizing females, victim-blaming and rape-culture within our society.  This concept diminishes our bodies to nothing but our sexuality — can a body be sexual? Yes, obviously. But only when a person chooses to be sexual, then and only then is that body sexual. Not in the middle of a high school. Not in the middle of a classroom. And definitely not when a young woman is trying to learn. … More Breaking Dress-Code

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