Finding Equity in Quarantine

Originally posted on the Pillar Nonprofit Network website as a Guest Blog Post This past week I participated in a conversation facilitated by Pillar Nonprofit Network that focused on committing to equity and inclusion during COVID-19. Within this microcosm of change agents, the urgency of this conversation was undisputed. The inadequacies of our systems haveContinue reading “Finding Equity in Quarantine”

It’s Love, Actually: Me & the Nonprofit Sector

I suppose my first experience working with the nonprofit sector would have been in high school, desperately trying to get my 40 hours in before graduation day. But the truth is – all I really remember is picking up garbage in some park, for some cause… I may still have a t-shirt somewhere.  Not theContinue reading “It’s Love, Actually: Me & the Nonprofit Sector”

30 Years and 30 G’s Deep

I didn’t really process that I was poor until University. I remember sitting in my first year Sociology class listening to my professor speak about wage gaps, the working poor, and poverty in London. I remember thinking “Wait a second… she’s talking about us like we’re not even here.” I sat quietly, looking at theContinue reading “30 Years and 30 G’s Deep”

This post is about my period.

This post is about my period. How many guys do you think won’t read this post, simply because I mentioned my period? Today is International Women’s Day and this entire week I have been completely obsessed with justice for menstruation. Let me tell you about when I first got my period. I was in gradeContinue reading “This post is about my period.”

Lessons in Movement: The Base, The Flyer, The Support

In 2017 I had the pleasure of participating in something new and exciting – an exercise in movement my friend Ben, otherwise known as Ellio Blox, is now calling Co-Acro Movement. I first met Ben when he was facilitating an acro-yoga session with a youth group from the Cross Cultural Learner Centre in my city.Continue reading “Lessons in Movement: The Base, The Flyer, The Support”

Alone in Ireland | Part 3

The Joys of Independence If you’ve read Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series you know that Ireland provided a reflective and transformational experience for me. But naturally there was lots of practical learning that came from my experience travelling alone in Ireland. I am by no means an expert on solo travelContinue reading “Alone in Ireland | Part 3”

Confessions of a Know-it-All

Confessions of a Know-it-All Everybody is flawed. Everyone has those things about them that are less than glamorous. I, fortunately, have come to terms with some of mine.  More specifically – the fact that I am a classic know-it-all. The truth is, I have always been a know-it-all. My friends and my family know it,Continue reading “Confessions of a Know-it-All”

Words That Hurt

The other day someone around me used the term “retarded” to describe to their email – I have a light-hearted relationship with this person and so I pulled out the phrase “words that hurt”. This phrase is something that I discovered in my first year at the University of Western Ontario. During O-Week my SophsContinue reading “Words That Hurt”