About Sienna

Sienna is a nonprofit manager, community engagement specialist, and advocate for equity & inclusion.

She graduated from Western University with an Honors BA in Anthropology and a Major in Sociology in 2013 and received her post-graduate Diploma in Not-for-Profit Management in 2014. 

Sienna began engaging in the nonprofit sector while she was in University. It was during this time that she was hit with the harsh reality that there are systemic inequities deeply embedded in our community. As someone with lived-experience of poverty, she questioned why she found herself on a stable path, while many of her peers were unable to overcome the systemic barriers that they faced. She decided that she needed to pursue a personal and professional journey that would work toward change.

In her ten years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Sienna has worked in a variety of roles including: Community Development, Volunteer Management, Fundraising, Events Management, Marketing/ Communications and Educational Programming. In her most recent role at Pillar Nonprofit Network, Sienna played an integral role in growth and development of London’s first social innovation shared space, Innovation Works. Through all of her roles, Sienna has developed her expertise in equity and inclusion, relationship & community building, and nonprofit education – all with the intent to create positive social change. Sienna is now working in the world of immigrant employment as a Project Manager for a social purpose organization serving southwestern Ontario.

In January of 2020, Sienna launched The Southdale Education Fund, a local initiative that seeks to alleviate the financial challenges of pursuing post-secondary education while living in poverty.

Sienna lives in London, Ontario Canada with her partner and her dog Jax, aka the Beast.

What People are Saying

Sienna is a true connector, constantly bringing people together and sparking new ideas with a big smile on her face.

Luis Patricio, LPRC

Sienna is an inspiration to many. She is kind, intelligent, thoughtful and a leader within our community.

Emily Strybosch, Libro Financial

Sienna is the first to offer to lend a hand or connect you with others to foster mutual growth.

Brea Hickey, Western University